The Russian lived in Poland and understood why he would not marry a Polish woman

A Russian lived in Poland and understood why he wouldn't marry a Polish woman

Despite the common Slavic roots and external similarities, girls in Russia and in Poland are very different from each other. A Russian tourist told in his Zen channel why he wouldn't marry a Polish woman.

The Russian used to believe that the mentality of Polish women is similar to Russian because of the geographical proximity and the presence of cultural common ground. These are not Japanese women living on the other side of the planet in a completely different environment and value system. However, having visited Poland, the tourist realized that he was greatly mistaken.

From the point of view of appearance, the Russian did not see any fundamental differences. The Poles have a rather attractive Slavic appearance. The difference is present in the style and especially manifests itself with age. Mature polkas often follow youth trends in clothing and brightly painted. In Russia, adult women are switching to more calm, neutral make-up and outfits.

In the behavior of the Poles, the Russian noticed a straightforwardness bordering on rudeness and a lack of tact. They go to conflicts more often than local men, express their disagreement with something or indignation.

From here follows another quality of Poles, which the Russian called hysteria. The inhabitants of Poland are quite emotional and sensitive, they are just as easily pissed off as the Italians. They can start up and make a scandal because of any little thing. “Several times I saw such a picture in a restaurant, when instead of calmly solving an unpleasant moment with the administrator, the Poles put on a show, and it’s women!” – writes a Russian tourist.

A man considers feminism to be another problem for Poles. In his opinion, any trifle can be considered an insult and a violation of rights, which ultimately leads to scandals. In conclusion, the Russian recommends appreciating and loving Russian women.

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