The Russian moved to Turkey and realized with horror that it is sometimes impossible to work remotely there for one reason

The Russian moved to Turkey and realized with horror that it is sometimes impossible to work remotely there due to one reason

Working remotely in Turkey is another test. This conclusion was made by a Russian traveler who temporarily moved to this republic. On the pages of his channel in Yandex.Zen, he stated this with horror, revealing the reason for the inconvenience.

“Turkey has slow internet. Although not very expensive. Or even not. In Turkey, in some places – a very me-dlen-nyyy Internet. And unstable. This is fucking inconvenient. Now all life is in a laptop and in a smartphone. Work there. And the speed of communication is extremely important. And we are faced with the fact that sometimes it is simply impossible to work. Either the connection constantly crashes, or the speed is very low. This is especially inconvenient when you need to communicate a lot on Zoom or Skype. You sit like that, talk to a person or hold a planning meeting – and then suddenly everything starts to creak, squish, freeze, ”he complained.

The characteristics of the mobile Internet used by a tourist in Turkey are as follows: a 26 GB package for a month worth a little more than 800 rubles. (200 lira at the current exchange rate), comparable “with the proposals of MTS or other operators of the big three,” he noted, but did not say in which cities he encountered the problem.

According to the author, technical problems are not typical only for mobile, but also wired internet. At the same time, “the very same Turkish random”, which is talked about by all tourists who have moved to Turkey, is allegedly responsible for the operation of the network. “A neighbor can fly everything, but at that time everything hangs on you,” the compatriot assured and wondered how programmers, editors and IT specialists work in such conditions, for whom the speed and volume of information processing is a fundamental point. They probably suffer. Or vice versa – they train the nervous system.”

At the same time, commentators doubted the truth of the Russian’s complaint and said that in Istanbul, for example, there are no problems with mobile Internet.

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