The Russian rested in Phuket and listed its pros and cons

A Russian rested in Phuket and listed its pros and cons

After the removal of covid restrictions, Russian tourists are in a hurry to catch up on two years of the pandemic and are increasingly going on vacation to Thailand. In January of this year, the Russian rested in Phuket and talked about the pros and cons of the island in his Zen channel.

The main plusThailand tourist calls warm climate and fantastic nature. In late autumn and winter in Russia it becomes cold and uncomfortable, and in Phuket at this time the hot tropical sun shines, helping to improve moral and physical health. In January, the average air temperature on the island is 30-35 degrees Celsius, the Andaman Sea warms up to 28 ° C, there are practically no tropical showers.

The second plus of Phuket is magnificent sandy beaches. The coast is always clean, the sand is soft, gentle and does not get very hot. At the same time, there are a lot of beaches, and every discerning tourist will choose a place to his taste.

The third advantage of the Thai island is a well-developed infrastructure for recreation. Phuket has many hotels, eateries, restaurants and cafes for every budget, as well as other entertainment venues. There are no problems with markets, shops, which are located within walking distance from places popular with tourists.

The fourth plusholidays in Phuket – an exciting and varied excursion program. When you get tired of lying on the beach, you can go on a sightseeing walk around the island or even fly to another state located next to Thailand.

According to the Russian, holidays in Phuket also have their drawbacks, which, although they do not stop tourists from a trip to an exotic country, but should be taken into account.

  1. Geographically, Thailand is far from Russia. Even a direct flight from Moscow will take at least 10 hours. It will not be easy for everyone to endure such a long flight, but otherwise you will not get to a heavenly place.
  2. Exhausting heat and aggressive sun can not only bring discomfort to some tourists, but also provoke sunburns that will spoil the rest. During a vacation in the tropics, one should not forget about sunscreen, try to stay in the shade or under the air conditioner during the peaks of solar activity, sunbathe in moderation, especially in the first days in Phuket.
  3. Unsanitary conditions reign in the markets and in some cafes, around a huge amount of tropical living creatures. Insects, spiders and reptiles can crawl into hotel rooms or outdoor pools, frighten tourists or even endanger their lives. An unprepared organism can respond to the bites of ordinary mosquitoes with an unpredictable allergy, there is also a risk of contracting some kind of tropical disease.

Despite the disadvantages, the Russian recommends a holiday in Phuket, calling it a source of vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions .

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