The Russian said that prices for Russian tourists in Thailand began to rise rapidly

The Russian reported that prices for Russian tourists in Thailand began to rise rapidly

A Russian tourist arrived in Thailand for the winter in early December and reported that that prices there began to rise rapidly precisely for visitors from Russia. He showed the depreciation of the domestic currency using the example of the cost of a bowl of Tom Yam soup.

As a compatriot noted in his blog on Yandex.Zen, the sharp depreciation of the ruble in December was to blame. The difference in the exchange rate forces travelers to lay out extra money, because. for Russians in the “land of smiles” everything becomes more expensive.

“I want to use my personal example to show how prices have risen in two weeks of living in Thailand. For example, Tom Yam soup costing (approximately) 100 baht. As soon as I arrived in Thailand in early December, I withdrew from the card at the rate of 1.78 rubles to baht. Accordingly, in early December, Tom Yam soup cost me 178 rubles. A week later, I withdrew another amount from the card, and it was already at the rate of 1.85, which corresponds to 185 rubles for one serving of Tom Yam soup. The last time I took the amount from the card, I already had the exchange rate of 1.91 rubles to baht, which corresponds to 191 rubles for a portion of soup. After that, the ruble was still falling for the last two days, which can be assumed that the exchange rate will be 1 baht = 2 rubles, and this is already 200 rubles for a portion of Tom Yam soup, ”the tourist clearly showed the strengthening of the baht against the ruble.

According to him, coming with cash to an Asian country means getting an even more unfavorable exchange rate. At the same time, users clarified the statement of the Russian, noting that it is possible and even necessary to fly with cash to Thailand only if it is about dollars or euros. A currency card of international payment systems, for example, the Chinese UnionPay, is also suitable – in this case, tourists are “guaranteed” to live as planned. As for cash in rubles, taking it to Asian resorts is “obviously unprofitable, and even hemorrhoids.”

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Russian tourists in Thailand have become leaders.”

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