The Russian tourist was surprised by the lack of service, unhealthy selfishness and other factors that repel her from emigration to Italy

A Russian tourist was surprised by the lack of service, unhealthy selfishness and other factors that discourage emigration to Italy

A Russian traveler who spoke to a disillusioned Russian expat who moved to prosperous Milan was surprised to learn of the popular tourist destination's four problems and listed them on her Yandex.Zen blog.

Firstly, the compatriot was disappointed by the “bureaucracy of the Italians”, which pierced all areas of activity, and as a result, one seal in a document or a signature is worth several “circles of hell”. In Italy, there is even a special position – the “occupier” of queues in public institutions. The very presence of such a position speaks volumes.

“It is useless to fight bureaucracy in Italy, everyone knows about it and perceives it as a normal phenomenon. To draw up documents, open an individual entrepreneur, conclude some important deal, you need to pass a real test, stand in line for several hours. To be honest, I was so used to doing everything quickly and online in Russia that, when I first encountered the bureaucratic structure in Italy, I could not believe that this is how they live in Europe. My expectations and reality did not match. Italy first fascinated, and then also disappointed, ”complained the emigrant.

Secondly, the once civilized European country brings visitors to the ground when they see street beggars and the homeless, who are mostly native Italians, instead of the general well-being.

On the Italian streets, they are not everywhere: they beg, extort money, live in tents and trade in fraud. Here is the comment of the interlocutor of the tourist: “Milan is a beautiful and rich city, there are many opportunities for career growth and high earnings, so I am disappointed by the fact that there are still Italians who could not be realized. I even feel somehow embarrassed that I, a visitor from Russia, could, but they couldn’t.”

Thirdly, unhealthy selfishness. “Italians love themselves very much. Any Italian in the first place will be himself, his personal interests. Often such an approach to life is not appropriate, and healthy egoism becomes unhealthy,” the Russian noted disappointedly and added that many situations that seem strange in Russia can be considered a manifestation of this. For example, Italians will never offer a guest to sit down first, they will never take a place for a friend, even if the latter asks for it. If the Italians called for a visit, then the compatriot urged not to rejoice at potential gatherings and feasts: “Most likely, the owner will offer you to chip in for groceries and cook dishes together,” he complained, appreciating the gap between Russian and Italian hospitality.

Fourthly, in Italy, no one focuses on service, they care about their own life and its rhythm. The lack of high service and customer focus concerns all areas of Italian life, closing their stores for a siesta, even if there is a buyer at the checkout ready to deposit a substantial amount of money into the checkout. no, and ending with online portals. Perhaps I am spoiled by Russian services, through which you can do almost everything, from making an appointment with a hairdresser and ending with registering an apartment, ”a compatriot shared.

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