The Russian went to India from the UAE and said what documents are really asked

A Russian traveler went to India from the UAE and said what documents are really asked for

A Russian tourist went on an independent long-term trip to India without a return ticket and told what documents are really asked at the border. At the same time, in order to get into the country, he went to the trick and “drew” a certificate for himself. He shared the details of the trip during the operation of covid security measures on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to him, a standard package of documents is required for entry. These are a passport, air tickets, a visa, as well as “covid” documents: a completed health declaration, PCR tests, a vaccination certificate. The presence of a certificate was an optional condition for entry, but the tourist was also checked.

Since the traveler did not leave Russia, but from Dubai, he needed to undergo PCR testing in the UAE. “In Dubai, a PCR test is expensive, from 2,000 rubles, but such an offer still needs to be looked for. In general, from 3,000 rubles and more. The cheapest thing in the UAE is to take the test in Abu Dhabi, where it costs 500-800 rubles per person,” the tourist said.

However, he did not want to spend money, so he decided not to take the test, but to forge a certificate using a graphic editor. “… we took the path of “Photoshop” – we do not recommend this type of trick, because at passport control we were very carefully checked and we had to work hard. At check-in for the plane, all the documents were thoroughly examined. So, if you want to go to India, you should know that PCR tests are “needed” here, and they are checked!” – the adventurer shared.

In addition, he noted that at the control the employees were interested in the vaccination certificate and the availability of a return ticket. “If you are not a confident person, then you may not be allowed on board without a return ticket. But if you can prove your position, as we do, then go ahead!” – the Russian summed up.

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