The Russian woman found out what the pension is in the UAE and was shocked

The Russian woman found out what the pension is in the UAE and was shocked

The minimum pension in the UAE is 260 thousand rubles, and the maximum is 6 million rubles. At the same time, older people do not pay for the “communal” and rest in sanatoriums at the expense of the state. This social policy shocked a Russian tourist who has been in Abu Dhabi for a month.

According to the traveler, who published her opinion on the Yandex.Zen channel, the “local” pensioners live in clover. Those who have held public office can count on a “multi-zero” maximum pension. “And, for a moment, most of all the inhabitants of the UAE are connected in one way or another with the state. Therefore, I just admit that being an old man in Russia is not as cool as a Dubai pensioner,” she said.

In addition to a decent pay, elderly people in the Emirates are entitled to a number of benefits. Let's list what the traveler singled out:

  1. Retirees do not pay utility bills.
  2. Resting for free in boarding houses, spa hotels and resorting to expensive procedures.
  3. They attend concerts, performances, educational circles without money.
  4. Visits to the best restaurants in the country are paid.
  5. Medical services are also free: “no matter how difficult the disease, for example, oncology, the generous state pays for everything.”
  6. “And even after death, relatives receive payments, for example, if an old husband has passed away, leaving his harem, children, relatives without a breadwinner. In this case, all these people will receive his “loot,” the Russian woman added.

In addition, an interesting fact is that the authorities leave the local residents the right to choose at what age to retire. “For example, a person has the right to retire at 38! You heard right. But the pension will not be so high. According to the standard, the retirement age for men starts at 55 years old, for women at 50 years old – this already proves that the state “does not care” for its residents,” the turboblogger summed up.

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