The Russian woman revealed 4 ways to book accommodation abroad, if only “our” card is in her hands

The opening of foreign destinations for Russian tourists turned into a six-month problem. Fellow citizens have begun planning vacations for the second half of summer and autumn, but the inability to pay for goods and services abroad, including booking accommodation abroad, remains a “splinter”. However, there is a way out. On the Yandex.Zen channel, a Russian woman listed four ways to book accommodation abroad if you only have “our” card in your hands.

First, Booking.

In fact, the real estate rental service did not leave Russia, but stopped cooperation with hotels in Russia. Therefore, bookings of hotels located abroad are still available on the platform – everything is as it was before the February events. The only thing that has changed is that now Russians have to choose the “Pay on the spot” option and pay for accommodation in cash upon arrival at the hotel.

Secondly, “Island”.

The Russian woman noted convenient filters and location on the map. A plus for domestic tourists is the availability of payment in rubles, which in modern cramped conditions is considered an ideal option.

“Cons – now the support service is working with a delay, in case of booking through Ostrovok, be sure to receive confirmation from the hotel directly. And do not expect a quick confirmation, on average it takes 1-2 days. Another minus is that there are not as many hotels as we would like,” the tourist explained and added that usually there is enough assortment to choose the right option.

Thirdly, Ozon Travel.


The newly minted service accepts payment with a Russian bank card and points from the account of the store of the same name. The author noted that there were positive reviews about bookings through this service, but she did not use it herself.

Fourthly, booking through correspondence

The traveler offered simple instructions, how to use this method:

  1. Select a hotel on one of the services.
  2. Find the official website and compare the prices offered.
  3. Send to the specified email (to language of the country or at least English) and book a room with payment on the spot.

Finally, an experienced tourist gave important advice on how not to be “with a nose” when booking. “Now, in any case, with any method of booking, write to the hotel and ask for confirmation of your booking with their internal reservation number. Even if you book through the service!” – she recommended.

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