The Russian woman revealed how the Turks actually relate to those who have moved

Russian woman reveals how Turks really treat those who have moved

“Nobody needs you there!”, “Turks are only happy for tourists, because we bring them money!”, “They are waiting for tourists, but they hate Russians who come in large numbers”, “We are like wallets on legs for them” – such comments of the Russians were cited by the Russian traveler, speaking about the attitude of the Turks towards those who moved to the resort country for permanent residence.

However, how do they really treat the Russians who moved this year and is it possible to become “one's own” in a “foreign” country, the tourist told on the example of one story that happened in the resort area of ​​Alanya.

The incident, by which the girl illustrated the attitude of the Turks towards our compatriots, took place in Avsallar, the resort area of ​​Alanya, where during the peak season only tourists rest on the beach, since the natives and foreigners who have moved there are not often and not for long.

The girl came to the beach and decided to ride a water scooter. She went to a specialized water sports center, where for two people she was offered a 10-minute ride on a scooter for $ 75, i.e. 4,600 rubles at today's exchange rate. We managed to reduce the price by only $5. However, when an employee of the center found out that the girl did not come as a tourist, but lives in the resort area on a permanent basis, he was delighted. “Oh, so we are countrymen! You are almost Turks! We always give our own discount, so ride for $50 and not 10, but 12 minutes,” the author of the blog in Yandex.Zen quoted the Turk as saying.

“Can you imagine? We were already prepared to pay $20 more. They didn't ask for a discount because they had already bargained. He made it himself,” she added in surprise.

According to the professional traveler, this is not the first time she was treated differently when they found out that the girl was not a tourist, but a local. “I was treated more than once for free and made good discounts on goods and services (even when I did not ask and did not bargain). And they always broke into a smile when I said that I live in Avsallar. “Oh, Avsallar! We are neighbours!” – the Turks said and immediately did something to emphasize good neighborly relations, ”the Russian woman noted.

The conclusion of the Russian woman is simple: the Turks are happy with long-term visitors if they do not show aggression and disrespect. At the same time, they treat tourists kindly. “These are not the Egyptians, who, in my opinion, always first of all want to “weld” on their guests. Most often, Turks are honest and truly benevolent people. You can always have a cup of tea with them, talk with them and agree on a discount,” the compatriot ended her story on a good note.

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