The Russian woman spoke about the attitude towards Russian tourists in Turkey and the real situation in hotels

A Russian woman spoke about her attitude towards Russian tourists in Turkey and the real situation in hotels

After the start of the special operation of the Russian army in Ukraine, social networks were overwhelmed with negative comments about tourists from Russia. Including there was a rumor about the refusal of Turkish hotels to accommodate our fellow citizens. “Is there any hostility among tourists? Not! The feeling that everyone is busy only with themselves and their rest,” the traveler reassured her compatriots and spoke on the Yandex.Zen channel about the real situation that was established in the resorts of Turkey during the May holidays.

“Already German- it’s definitely only with his beloved (busy) … he doesn’t feel any hostility towards the Russians. In Melas Lara (a hotel where many Germans rest) you can speak Russian calmly, without consequences. As for the staff, everything is ok here. Turks accept any guest, he is a guest for them! It doesn’t matter where,” said the tourist.

According to her, the hotels are loaded “to the eyeballs”, but not all hotels have opened. Those that are focused on the Russian-speaking market have declared their readiness to receive guests by June 12 – the Day of Russia. It is from this date that the Turks are waiting for the flow of Russian tourists. In the meantime, in the southern regions of the country, the sea is cool: about +20°C. The air warms up to +26°C during the day. There is no rain, the sun shines from morning to evening.

The high density of guests in Turkish hotels over the past two weeks is explained by the coincidence of holidays among Muslims and Arabs and the “May weekend” in Russia. The Turks have almost got rid of the coronavirus, now they are making up for lost time in two years, going to the resorts. Turks prefer to relax not at home, but in hotels. “So that you are served, fed with delicious food, poured cocktails … a beautiful weekend life, let's say,” the blogger explained.

The Turkish press is full of a stormy start to the summer season and believes in the imminent return of the main source of tourists – the Russians . “… people have accumulated longing! They rushed to the sea! In general, Turkish newspapers have one continuous optimism about the tourist season,” the tourist added.

As for post-May prices, they can please compatriots. “Everything is traditional with us – after the May holidays there will be a certain hole in prices. You can go to the hotels that have opened (moreover, in the cost of an air flight with a Turkish regular airline) you can leave very cheaply,” the author specified.

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