The Russian woman spoke about the real situation in Thailand and about the attitude towards Russians three weeks after February 24

A Russian woman spoke about the real situation in Thailand and about the attitude towards Russians three weeks after February 24

The reality is that for the second time in two years Russians have found themselves locked in “friendly” Thai resorts due to lack of flights to their homeland. Only if in 2020 the cause was covid and closed borders, now the Russians have been deprived of direct flights due to unprecedented Western sanctions. And after February 24, 2022, the Thai authorities changed their attitude towards the stuck vacationers and decided to “rob” the Russians to the fullest. This statement was made by a Russian woman in her blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

By the way, Russian tourists stuck in Thailand reported that everything is not as smooth on the ground as in the official statements of Rostourism and other regulators, and send alerts. Read more in the article “Russian tourists send alarm signals from Thailand”.

In her opinion, history repeated itself: as during the coronavirus pandemic, which caught travelers abroad, they are forced to sit without money in Thai resorts and wait for the resolution of the geopolitical situation and export flights.

As the blogger noted, for panic Russians have real reasons:

  1. The ruble has fallen in price and the ratio to the baht, the national currency of the Kingdom of Thailand, is unfavorable – 1:4. At the same time, prices in the beach country remained at the same level;
  2. Russians cannot withdraw cash from their own cards and pay in hotels and shops, because cards are disconnected from the Swift system and Mastercard and Visa payment systems;
  3. Even if there are cash rubles, nobody needs them in Thailand, they are not changed.

Comparing the attitude of Thais towards Russians during the pandemic and now, the author drew attention to the fact that then the stranded tourists who found themselves in distress, the Thai authorities helped financially by paying benefits. With its help, the Russians could buy food and rent housing. However, then the Thais had reasons – helping the Russians, they hoped for a solid tourist flow from Russia.

Now the situation is getting worse. After the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine on the 24th, countries dependent on the Russian tourism market stated that it was useless to wait for the Russians, as well as the revenues to the treasury from their stay in the resorts. Therefore, this time, when the Russians found themselves in a critical situation, it was decided to make money at least on those who were forced to stay in the country. In the course launched a decision on a paid extension of visas. According to the Russian woman, this is the only help from the Thai side.

“But, apparently, the Thais realized that there would be no Russian season, getting 1,900 baht for visa extensions is their last chance. And 1900 baht is now 7600 rubles for rubles. And if the family is 2-3 people? This is despite the fact that the cards do not work. According to the Russian Embassy in Bangkok, more than 1,500 certificates have already been issued to extend their stay in Thailand due to the inability to fly home,” she wrote.

Who really did not leave Russians in trouble in an Asian country is “ours”. As they say, we don’t leave our own.

“Our compatriots, like 2 years ago, help in whatever way they can: they provide housing, cheap food, psychological assistance and assistance in withdrawing money from the Russian Federation to Tai,” – reassured the author.

Friendly countries are known in trouble

At the same time, the Russian woman noted that, in general, ordinary residents of Thailand have not changed their attitude towards the Russians. However, Russophobia manifests itself “pointwise”: “But I heard a couple of stories that Russian teachers were asked to quit school, and Russian children were bullied by classmates.”

“So they waited and waited for the opening of Thailand and missed it, this is the most opening. And when there will be an opportunity to come here next time, no one knows …”, the Russian woman concluded with regret.


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