The Russian woman spoke about the situation in Turkey and the attitude towards Russian tourists after February 24

A Russian woman spoke about the situation in Turkey and her attitude towards Russian tourists after February 24

Three weeks after the start of the special operation Russia in Ukraine, when, according to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, there was a hope for a compromise at the negotiations of both countries, the attitude of the Turks towards the Russians did not change – a professional traveler on the pages of Yandex.Zen addressed such reassuring words to tourists.

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After February 24, for Russians, squeezed in a “Large-scale Western sanctions, Turkey acts as a” window “to the big world and continues to invite our compatriots to its beach resorts.

“Perhaps soon we will face sidelong glances in other countries. But definitely not in Turkey! The locals are very understanding. And they are still waiting for us to visit,” the blogger reassured.

However, the changes taking place in the world and within the republic have affected the conditions of stay of travelers who come for the sun and stay in the country for a long time.

Residence permit in Turkey: current

As the Russian woman noted, Turkey has changed the rules for obtaining a residence permit. If earlier a tourist could conclude an apartment rental agreement and collect a modest amount of documents and pay a fee, then from 2022 the conditions have changed. Let's list them:

  1. The duration of the residence permit has been reduced from one year to six months.
  2. The lease agreement must be certified by a notary as before, only now this will have to be done in the presence of the owner of the property.
  3. Tourists must prove their financial solvency. To do this, you need to open an account at a local bank and replenish it at the rate of 40 thousand liras per person (almost 300 thousand rubles). However, not everyone's accounts are checked.
  4. Turkey does not accept refugees from Ukraine, so Ukrainians who want to stay in the country will have to draw up a document on a general basis.

What about the prices?

Regarding the volatility of the Turkish lira, the tourist compared it with the ruble, since the first is rapidly becoming cheaper and hitting the pockets of local residents, so prices in Turkey are growing at a cosmic speed. However, despite the rise in price of goods by 1.5-2 times, the cost of products still seemed low to the author.

What has noticeably increased in price and did not please tourists is rental housing. “Firstly, inflation in the country. Secondly, the demand for rent has grown a lot (after all, the Russians have nowhere else to go). This is reflected in prices. Last year I rented an apartment for 300 euros a month. Now there are no such prices even in March (that is, completely in the “off season”). Even through an acquaintance, they rent for at least 400. It’s already scary to convert into rubles, ”the girl said.

Those who have large savings in euros, the girl urged to buy property in Turkey and obtain a residence permit on this basis. However, those who were going to go to the country without start-up capital in the hope of earning money, the author urged to wait for a more suitable period. Prices will continue to rise, and it is forbidden to work on a tourist residence permit.


A tourist faced another disturbing change: Russian bank cards stopped working in Turkey payment systems Visa and Mastercard. According to the blogger, she intends to issue a Mir card, because. in the republic it is accepted everywhere. She also stocked up on cash.

Also, the girl has no doubt that the beach season in Turkey will take place, since the country has opened up to the outside world as much as possible, having removed almost all covid restrictions. “Whether the season will be successful depends on the speed of resolution of known events. Without Russian tourists, Turkey will not pull it. But right now, all-inclusive tours are not being sold. The problem with money transfers and Russian airlines is to blame,” she said.

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