The Russian woman told how Egypt “spoiled” the life of Russian tourists after February 24

The Russian traveler said that after the events of February 24 and the cancellation of flights from Egypt, the country of the pyramids “spoiled the life of the Russians”, referring to the fines for an expired visa and the attitude of the locals. She left sharp remarks that Egypt has turned “from a desirable to the most hated country” on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the girl, “half of Russia” of package tourists is stuck in a hot country, who are in a nervous state due to the inability to go home and conditions that do not meet their expectations.

“The fact is that local people, including hotel staff (let's say in general – Egypt), aware of the current situation of the Russians, decided not to spare their guests: as soon as the vacationers ran out of money, the attitude immediately [toward them] changed. “Ours” began to be transferred from one hotel to another. The conditions in which compatriots now have to live free of charge are very bad,” she complained.

By the word “bad”, the girl means “dead”, i.e. abandoned hotels, where there is no water and sometimes windows, but there are dusty furniture and dirty linens.
“But there are so many tourists that Egypt is forced to relocate the now free “bags” to such abandoned places,” she said.

The traveler also mentioned the incident with expired visas, with which the Russians went on board the export flight. Then the employees threatened not to let the tourists on the plane if they did not pay $100. True, after some time, the fines for an expired stamp were temporarily canceled.

In addition, the Egyptians do not provide “the slightest moral support, and worse, they are silent about the news.” “They may come without warning early in the morning to the room of a sleeping guest, and order to collect things – they urgently need to move to another hotel. This is where it is dirty and there is no water. And how can you take it easy? The Russians are almost going crazy, waiting for their return flight,” the tourist wrote.

In conclusion, the author noted that Egypt “ruined” the lives of Russian tourists and now they are unlikely to “ever agree to visit Egypt again.”

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