The Russian woman told how Egyptian macho insidiously lure Russian tourists into love nets

Russian woman told how Egyptian machos treacherously lure Russian tourists into love networks

Typical stories of love relationships between domestic tourists and Egyptian machos were told by a Russian woman, living in Egypt. About what a resort “habibochumka” is and how compatriots in search of love for life fall into the amorous networks of Egyptian men, she revealed in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to the author, holiday romances in the country of the pyramids are played by Russians, as a rule, with representatives of the poor class. However, all of them, as one, turn out to be very romantic, not skimping on compliments. In addition, they, like the heroes of classical works of literature, flared up with fiery feelings for a tourist at the first meeting.

The time-limited tourist trip made resort romances develop very rapidly. However, professional machos and gigolos could only emotionally “warm up” the Russian woman during the rest, so that later she would return to him ready to generously give gifts and pay for his “Wishlist”.

As noted by a compatriot, Egyptian men at one time even wrote a manual on seducing women and girls of Slavic appearance. The instructions indicated what exactly you need to say in order to conquer the lady. For example, there were deeply romantic phrases. For example, such: “Our names are written in the sky with stars” or “My mother blessed us” – well, just like in TV shows about love.

“They say that these phrases were literally outlined, memorized and passed from mouth to mouth. In fact, manuals with “a minimum set of words and phrases for seduction” went around Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Then long days of languor usually followed, the second, third, fourth trip – as far as the girl was allowed by finances and the opportunity to take time off from work. But passions blazed even at a distance—and what other passions. Many women literally lost their taste and interest in their ordinary life and existed only in anticipation of the next call, SMS, the next trip to Egypt. This state of acute love on the forums was called “habibochumka,” the author shared.

Russian women became private guests on the Russian-speaking forums of Egyptian residents and visited there to make sure that their “admirer” was not on the “shame board” and again plunged into their “love story”. “Often in such stories it was pretty obvious that Khabibi was, to put it mildly, unreliable. For example, if he periodically disappeared from the radar or asked for money or gifts under various pretexts. Or if he confessed his love/called for marriage at the first meeting, this is hardly a serious proposal, ”the compatriot added.

The author also drew attention to the “rose-colored glasses” of tourists, who took any objective remark about her Egyptian boyfriend with hostility and did not want to admit the idea that the overseas ladies' man was a swindler and gigolo. Although there were exceptions, but in these cases, a representative of the poor class could not become a couple of Russian women who allowed themselves frequent trips to the country of the pyramids. In addition, after a long conversation, when the “curtains” were already rising a little before our eyes, a colossal difference in mentalities and traditions became visible. the Russian woman assured and gave a detailed list of “symptoms” by which they can be recognized.

To quote the author:

  1. “Swears love to everyone in a row, meets several girls at the same time, well or at least two.
    Has a history of many relationships or even several wives/children from a foreign woman, not necessarily a Slav.
  2. He cheats on a variety of occasions (that he is not married, that she is his first serious love, and the rest either did not exist, or were “pretending” that he is actually the son of rich parents, etc.). Sometimes the deception is not so straightforward – some invent an alternative biography and facts from the past to evoke pity, empathy, and so on (for example, that the first bride died, and he thought he could never love anyone, and then he met you.
  3. One way or another, he receives money/material values, or plans to receive them in the future. Beginners ask for money/gifts immediately and directly, experienced ones arrange everything in such a way that the girl herself will offer, and he will “break down”.
  4. a serious accident, for example, or someone close to you died.”

In fact, the Egyptian machos “bred” not only wealthy Russian women, but also those who gave their last money in order to come to the Red Sea. “Some gigolos manage to persuade women to take huge loans for khabibis. And for some, it is enough that a woman simply agrees to live nearby, demanding nothing and providing for herself. That is, in this case, he will not earn anything from it, but he will not lose anything either. At the same time, the man knows for sure that he will not marry her and will leave her as soon as a more suitable option turns up, ”the blogger assured. At the same time, at the first meetings, they may not ask for anything, on the contrary, invest in the “sacrifice of love” both emotionally and financially, forming confidence in themselves.

Most love relationships between Russian women and Egyptian men end sooner or later broken hearted. At the same time, compatriots leave them with different losses – someone has emotional exhaustion, a shattered nervous system and a loss of faith in the sincerity of feelings, and someone even has debts.

Summarizing, the compatriot admitted that true love in Egypt can be found, sometimes even in resort towns. However, finding her among gigolos and crooks under the Egyptian sky is another task. Basic rule number 1 is not to give money to these men, the author believes. And there it will already be clear what will come out of the relationship. The main rule number 2 is not to count on living together to the grave.

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