The Russian woman told how in Egypt they began to treat Russians after February 24

A Russian woman told how people began to treat Russians in Egypt after February 24

Twenty days after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, ordinary residents of Egypt living far from the famous Red Sea resorts, the “holistic situation” taking place in the world has not yet reached the “holistic situation” that is happening in the world – such a statement was made by a Russian tourist who has been in the country of pyramids for several months. Therefore, there is no talk of Russophobia in Egypt, and the Egyptians do not speak badly of Russians. “There is definitely no talk about any aggression of the Egyptians yet!” – the blogger on the channel in the Yandex.Zen service reassured the Russian-speaking travelers.

“Their economy has not yet come apart at the seams, so the Russians are not to blame for anything yet. Therefore, we are sympathetic here. We are supported, morally, but no more, – she explained.

According to the author, the Egyptians do not fuss and are not in a hurry to independently delve into the affairs that take place “beyond their streets, not even the cities”, but prefer to listen to opinions on the situation from other people. As the tourist said, familiar Egyptians were interested in news about Russians and recent events from her. The rest of the time, locals go about their usual business: listening to music, scrolling through social networks, watching videos and not delving into the events that divided the world into two parts. At the same time, the Russian woman noted that despite the apparent friendly attitude of the Egyptians, no one is in a hurry to help in difficult times. The girl gave an example that none of her new acquaintances helped her sell the scooter.

In the face of canceled flights and imposed sanctions, the traveler prefers to stay in Egypt. “I want to go home, to Russia. But due to the current situation, it is not so easy to fly home. Yes, and it is dangerous now to buy some tickets. You buy it, but it turns out that the flight was canceled, the expensive ticket will burn out. Have you seen the ticket prices? Horror. This was not the case with the coronavirus,” she said indignantly.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Russia has found a way to resume flights to 10 countries at once: dates and routes have been announced.”

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