The Russians began to book tickets to Turkey on Aeroflot and were surprised

Russians started booking air tickets to Turkey on Aeroflot and were surprised

On May 6, the Russian flagship Aeroflot will again fly to Turkey. Flights to Antalya and Istanbul are being resumed. However, tourists were surprised by the cost of air tickets: compared to last year, they have grown significantly. The travel agent channel in the Yandex.Zen service shared examples of prices.

“After the decision of our main aviation authority, the Turks very quickly realized that it was time to host Aeroflot, our flagship. And guarantee him service and full mutual understanding. I think without guarantees no one would fly anywhere. At the highest level … Turkish Airlines is already flying with might and main, from Moscow and from a dozen other Russian airports, but Aeroflot did not set and did not set everything … Someone was very offended … “, the expert reasoned about air sanctions.


Flights to the main tourist center of Turkey – to Antalya – from May 6, Friday, will be operated once a day, and from May 20 – twice. Flights to Istanbul – twice a day. All Turkish Aeroflot flights will be operated from Terminal C of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. These routes will be operated by Airbus A330 wide-body airliners. Speaking about the capacity of this type of aircraft, the travel agent noted that a maximum of 440 tourists can board a single-class accommodation. If there are two classes – business and economy, then 335 people.

“So, ticket prices are quite nice. Moscow – Antalya, from May 6, daily flight at 07:20 in the morning, very convenient. On site at 12:55, convenient again! Check-in at hotels – after 14, just in time. One-way ticket price = 16’396 rubles, with hand luggage… On return we have a ticket of 18’210 rubles. At 14:20 departure from Antalya, to Sheremetyevo in the evening, at 20:00. Convenient for transit Russians. From Sheremetyevo to the east – all evening flights. The total round-trip without luggage is 34,606 rubles per person,” the travel agent said.

As for flights to Antalya scheduled by Aeroflot after May 20, departures from Moscow are scheduled at 07:20 and at 12:10.


Istanbul is the Turkish gate of the world, because in the absence of direct flights to European countries, Russian tourists can go to Asian and European countries through the Istanbul airport.

“Istanbul is also launched on May 6, Aeroflot immediately puts 2 flights a day (in 2021 there were 4, and in the summer 5!) Morning departure at 08:50 and evening at 19:30, from 19,971 per person. On return to Moscow, the ticket is cheaper – from 16,879 rubles. Total round-trip – 36 850. Of course, we have not forgotten the prices of last year, they were significantly lower. But it is better to have such than to have nothing at all,” the expert noted.

Recently, due to Western sanctions, the Turkish destination has become one of the priorities for Russian tourists. The number of flights to Turkey is growing. Two Russian companies already fly to Antalya: Pegas Fly and AZUR air. Aeroflot also announced its intention to return flights to the Maldives from May 13. Airbus A330 aircraft are also announced for this direction.

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