The Russians began to buy air tickets for the price of an apartment

Russians started buying air tickets at the price of an apartment

Russian tourists began to buy the most expensive air tickets to resort destinations during the New Year holidays and vacations. So, according to the statistics published by the OneTwoTrip booking service, the cost of the most expensive flights by plane is now comparable to the price of an apartment in St. Petersburg.

The first place was taken by business class flights from St. 3.7 million rubles. Note that for the specified amount, apartments in the cultural capital of Russia are available for purchase. On the second line is a business class ticket from Moscow to the resort island of Phuket. Muscovites wishing to spend Christmas in Thailand paid 570,000 rubles for tickets. On the third – on a flight within the country. Four passengers who planned to fly from Moscow to Irkutsk on New Year's Eve spent 390,000 rubles on tickets.

The following also made it to the top of the most expensive plane tickets:

  1. Moscow – Sochi, 375 thousand rubles for two.
  2. Moscow – London, 337 thousand rubles.
  3. Kazan – Antalya, round trip 256 thousand rubles.

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