The Russians began to buy tickets to Dubai for May at 1 million rubles

Russians started buying tickets to Dubai for May for 1 million rubles

Tickets to Dubai costing more than a million rubles topped the rating of the most expensive tickets, which the Russians bought for the May holidays. This was reported to TURPROM by experts from the service, who chose the most expensive tickets purchased for the period of the May holidays – that is, from April 28 to May 10. The record holders also include tickets to Thessaloniki and Vienna, but Dubai owns the first two places.

The ranking is as follows:

  1. The most expensive ticket was bought on the Moscow-Dubai route and back . For such a flight in business class, they paid 1,066,675 rubles.
  2. In second place in the ranking was also a ticket on the route Moscow – Dubai round-trip business class, but 300 thousand rubles cheaper – for 773,372 rubles .
  3. In third place is a ticket for a flight in the direction of Moscow – Thessaloniki and back (obviously with a connection) in business class at a cost of 731,903 rubles.
  4. The route from St. Petersburg to Vienna is obviously also with a transplant – took fourth place. The ticket price is 481,155 rubles.
  5. The business class route from Vladivostok to the Thai resort of Phuket closes the top five. The ticket cost 363,043 rubles.

Flights from Moscow to Yerevan, Mexico City, Paris, Antalya, Harare, Tbilisi and Guangzhou were also among the most expensive. A ticket with a flight across Russia also managed to get into the top 15 most expensive – however, in last place. It was the route Moscow – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky round-trip business class – it cost 200,470 rubles.

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