The Russians called the cities of Turkey, where it is better not to go after the presidential election

The Russians were named the cities of Turkey where it is better not to go after the presidential elections

The cities of Turkey, where it is better not to travel during and immediately after the presidential elections, were named by the Russians. The list of major cities where the situation could escalate, as expected, includes Istanbul and Ankara, as well as the large resort of Izmir. The situation in the east of the country affected by the earthquake may also be alarming. At least, as a Russian tourist writes on his channel in Yandex.Zen, these are the warnings that are distributed in Russian-language social networks.

“People are afraid that the situation may escalate. Information is actively disseminated in the media and social networks,” the blogger writes. Despite the fact that, according to official channels, “Erdogan has already stated that he is ready to give up power peacefully in case of defeat, and the opposition replied that he will not take people to the streets anytime soon,” this is not particularly trusted in social networks. “According to the polls, both opponents enjoy approximately the same support. And more than 85% of voters go to elections in Turkey. In general, in the bottom line, we have more than 50 million people who will come to the polling stations and about 25 million of them will be dissatisfied with the results of the elections in any case,” the blogger described the situation.

As a result, according to him, against this background, “calls to the Russians to exercise maximum caution began to be clearly evident.” Tourists and “long-term” Russians began to be warned not to go alone, not to go to crowded places and large cities, so as not to “get into a batch.” “In the list of territories where you need to be extremely vigilant if you live or spend your holidays there, they call Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir. These are not just the three largest cities in the country. There are always a lot of tourists here, and recently a large group of our compatriots who left their homeland for an indefinite time has been added to them, ”the tourist quotes.

However, the blogger treats these calls with some skepticism – perhaps “Someone deliberately accelerates it all for some purpose.” However, he still does not advise tourists to “adventure”, recommending reasonable caution.

“If I had planned trips to Istanbul or Ankara, I probably would not cancel them. But on purpose, of course, I would not go to see how the situation is on Taksim Square. Therefore, if you find yourself in Turkey these days, take care of yourself,” the blogger summed up.

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