The Russians in Turkey began another panic

Russians in Turkey started another panic

Another panic in Turkey began among Russians due to changes in the design of the primary tourist residence permit. According to the Russian woman, citing social networks and a document from Mersin, new strict rules aimed at refusing a residence permit for our compatriots have already entered into force on December 26 and are being actively implemented in popular tourist cities. This is especially important for the so-called “relocants” who left Russia for the NWO period.

In her blog on Yandex.Zen, our compatriot living in this beach republic drew attention to the fact that so far there is no official information on the website of the Turkish Office for Foreigners, but all the changes are already “walking” on the forums. “But it was often with such rumors that some changes already began,” she noted and urged to hope for the best, but still keep the innovations in mind.

Izmir, Mersin and Fethiye became the venues chosen for the introduction of new conditions in obtaining a primary tourist residence permit, allegedly from these three cities the first news of mass refusals to issue a residence permit for our fellow citizens comes. In addition, the Russian woman later added clarifying information of the following depressing content: “I now meet on the net that in Izmir it has generally been decided to refuse residence permits to citizens of a CIS country, except for Ukraine. And for other provinces, these are the rules. But, oddly enough, there are no messages from Alanya yet.”

From December 26, 2022, the primary conditions for applying for a residence permit for citizens of the Russian Federation have been changed. This statement will not affect those who have a residence permit, and those who apply for an extension, ”the document allegedly valid in Mersin said.

Note the details indicated in the document:

  1. Firstly, during the initial submission, the set of documents for Russian citizens who have reached retirement age should now include an apostilled document that confirms the existence of a pension, as well as its amount.
  2. Secondly, if a Russian works remotely, then he is obliged to provide a document confirming his monthly income from the company in which he works, having a certificate with an apostille.
  3. Thirdly, they are no longer accepted as proof of income bank statements on the availability of money and regular money transfers. “And if a person is not retired and does not work? Does he live simply on savings, inheritance or any other means? a Russian woman asked a rhetorical question, thus pointing out the imperfection of the changes.

Which categories of Russians will not be affected by the new rules?

  1. Those who have in the hands of a residence permit;
  2. Those who apply for a residence permit extension;
  3. Those who managed to apply for a residence permit before December 26;
  4. Spouses and children under the age of 25 of those who previously received a residence permit. The reason is family reunification, so they get the right to legally live in Turkey.

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