The Russians named the cities where it is cheaper to fly in March than in February by 40%

Russians named cities where it is 40% cheaper to fly in March than in February

March will be much more expensive for Russian tourists better month to travel than February. This was told by experts from the OneTwoTrip service, who named the cities where it is much cheaper to fly to in March than in February. The average price drop is 40%, but some destinations have fallen even more. These include popular tourist destinations.

For example, Irkutsk, the “gate of Baikal” for most tourists, turned out to be the record holder for price reductions. It became more profitable to go there by 52.4%, the ticket price fell to 6.8 thousand rubles. one way. An even more popular resort was in second place – with the end of the ski season, Sochi is seriously getting cheaper, prices in March are 45.9% lower and amount to 3.7 thousand rubles. Flights to Pskov are also higher than the average level of price reduction – by 44.2%.

The average check to Moscow fell by 39.1% – to 5,000 rubles. Prices for tickets to St. Petersburg have decreased by 35% and amount to 4,800 rubles. Flights to Nizhny Novgorod also fell in price — by 31% to 3.9 thousand rubles, Minvody — by 27.8% to 4,500 rubles, and to Vladivostok — by 27.7%, to 13,000 rubles.

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