The Russians revealed the pros and cons of Sharm el-Sheikh for temporary emigration

The Russians revealed the pros and cons of Sharm el-Sheikh for temporary emigration

The life of Russians in Egypt, who after February 24, 2022 turned from winterers into Relocators has both pros and cons. About how compatriots are still “cautious” about the Egyptians and resolve issues through “their own”, having “clung” to the Russian-speaking diaspora in the resort Sharm el-Sheikh, the Russian woman told in her Yandex.Zen channel.


The initial data are as follows: a couple of Russians who wanted to go from Egypt to Turkey, but could not make the trip because of problems with issuing a residence permit. Russians work remotely: a man is an IT specialist, a woman is a freelancer.

“There are few migrants in Sharm after February 2022, mostly people left for Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan. But in general, there are many Russian speakers here. The guys say that for all the time there were no conflicts with anyone … They found their circle of friends, with whom they go to the beach or walk in the evenings. There are Ukrainians, and Belarusians, and Kazakhs – in general, a hodgepodge. The Egyptians, it seemed to me, are still somewhat wary, they try to resolve all issues, if possible, through “their own people,” a compatriot described the situation around the Russians she knew.

As for their cost of living in the resort town on In the Red Sea, the Russian woman did not give specific figures, otherwise she outlined the trend in general terms: “At first, the guys overpaid until they figured out the prices. Now they know exactly what it costs, and they even found an apartment cheaper in the same compound. But we noticed that prices in pounds have risen a lot in recent months.”

In the conditions of non-working domestic “plastic” abroad, the settlers adapted to exchange money also through “their own” through bank transfers. “They say that now they are spending about the same amount as they spent in Russia, plus or minus. Rising prices in pounds offset the good exchange rate of the ruble against the pound. But if prices continue to rise at this rate, Egypt will become expensive,” the author added. Recall that the cost of 1 Egyptian pound in rubles as of the date of publication is 2.44 ₽ according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

For a year of living in the country of pyramids, Russians realized that it is comfortable to relax in Sharm el-Sheikh, but not to live permanently. We list the disadvantages of living in a resort city indicated by them. The couple could not come to terms with the cold in the apartments, rising prices, a limited number of places for leisure, the absence of some familiar things and goods that are either not available in the coastal city, or have to be “extracted”. “In some places, the local population in the form of merchants/taxi drivers, who still see them as Russo tourists,” shared the blogger.

What compatriots like in this country is the general “atmosphere of relaxation”, relatively clean streets, sea, fruits, a large number of Russian speakers. At the same time, immigrants are still satisfied with the ratio of prices and quality of life in Egypt.

How do you manage to live in the country for so long? “They said about the visa that they first went to the gauzet (the passport and visa service of Egypt) for an extension, then they flew to Turkey for the weekend. The fact that the Egyptian rental visa cannot be extended for a long time is inconvenient, but nothing can be done about it. Charm seemed to them a kind of “town in a snuffbox” – miniature, almost a toy. Well, this is understandable, after a metropolis it can be crowded here for everyone.

“It is better to come several times a year for a week or two, then the impressions will be more vivid and positive,” summed up the Russians who lingered under the palm trees.


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