The Russians revealed the real cost of a long life in Thailand

The real cost of a long life in Thailand was revealed to the Russians

Real life in a paradise in Thailand will cost at least 64,000 rubles per month for two, excluding health insurance. What will significantly increase the cost of living is the presence of small children. The calculation of expenses and approximate prices for goods and services in Pattaya, a popular resort city, was shared by a Russian woman on the Yandex.Zen channel.

“The minimum for two will be 28,000 baht (64,000 rubles) condition of a “covid extension”, and not some long expensive visas,” the author warned.

Let’s consider what costs this amount came from.

Two “covid extensions » – 8'600 rubles.

If a tourist arrived with a stamp for 30 days, this will not be considered a visa, this is a visa-free entry. “At the moment, there is a so-called covid extension. By the name it is clear that they came up with it during the covid period, when the borders were closed and it was not possible to fly away. The covid extension means that you will go to the local immigration office and for 1,900 baht (4,400 rubles) you will receive a stamp allowing you to stay for another 60 days. Many foreigners now live according to such stamps. But there is a catch: the program for providing such covid stamps is extended every 2 months. It is currently valid until May 24th. That is, those who manage to receive an extension before May 24 will be in Thailand until July 23, plus or minus. On May 24, it will be known whether these stamps will be extended for another couple of months or not. Accordingly, if you choose this option, then you include 1,900 baht (4,400 rubles) in the expenses of the first month,” the Russian woman explained in detail.

In addition, a student visa is suitable for long-term residence in the kingdom. It is not necessary to enter a Thai university, even a language school will do. “… to pay for a visa to school about 26-30,000 baht (59,000-68,000 rubles). The visa will be for a year, but every 3 months you will need to renew it at the immigration office by paying 1,900 (4,400 rubles). If you choose this option, then 30,000 baht should be included in the expenses of the first month,” the expert explained.

Rental housing starts from 13,500 rubles.

< p> When a good offer appears, you need to immediately decide to move, because. inexpensive options appear infrequently.

Electricity and water – 2’300 rubles.

“When renting an apartment, specify that the bill will be according to the state tariff, this is 4 baht (9’12 rubles) per unit of electricity (i.e. cubic meter) and 35-40 (80-91 rubles) for water. The air conditioner consumes the most electricity. On average, monthly expenses in the studio when using the air conditioner only at night will be about 1,000 baht (2,300 rubles). Water up to 100 baht (228 rubles),” the Russian woman specified.

Food – from 21,000 rubles.

The estimated cost of food per month when cooking at home is 21,000 rubles. The amount is approximate, as it depends on different preferences. At the same time, the author warned that “Thais themselves eat around the clock, and the nation is catastrophically getting fatter year after year.”

It is worth considering that the products familiar to Russians – “milk”, meat, etc. are more expensive than Russia. For example, butter 230 rubles, 30 eggs – 265 rubles, potatoes – 88 rubles. There are price tags reminiscent of Russian ones: sugar – 50 rubles, tea bags, 20 pieces – 130 rubles.

Transport rental – from 8'000 rubles.

Rent a bike – 8'000 rubles per month, a car – from 27'000 rubles. At the same time, a taxi is relatively inexpensive: “A trip around the city averages up to 100 baht (228 rubles). In Pattaya there is a songteo (tuk-tuk) and still, like 20 years ago, the trip costs 10 baht (28 rubles).”


The price of one liter of gasoline brand “95” is 86-88 rubles – more expensive than in Russia. On average, monthly gasoline consumption is 2,300 rubles.


Unlimited Internet and 2 SIM cards – 3.200 rubles

“Feel like in Thailand: massage, beer, islands” – 5'300 rubles.

Trip with children, especially small ones, is a separate and substantial part of the cost. “If you are with children, then add the payment for kindergarten, school. This is a separate big topic. But the minimum Russian kindergarten costs 7,000 baht (16,000 rubles) per month. Russian school – 15'000 baht (34'000 rubles) per month. Thai private school with teaching in English per year from 130,000 baht (30,000 rubles). Circles, tutors, sections and other “developers” from 300 baht (700 rubles) per lesson. Everything related to children – from food to education – everything is expensive, ”the Russian woman concluded.

In addition, the blogger did not take into account that you almost always need to have a reserve of money for unforeseen expenses: for example, medicines and various sprays from insects.

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