The Russians were told how not to run into a fake while shopping in Turkey

The Russians were told how not to run into a fake while shopping in Turkey

Although Turkey has a law prohibiting the sale of fakes and factory replicas, however, in the resort areas, there is still “consumer goods”: low-quality items and cosmetics. The Yandex.Zen channel told how not to run into non-original goods while shopping.

During the “sanctions spring”, shopping in Turkey gained popularity among Russian tourists. Russians go to Turkish shopping centers and buy all sorts of things for themselves and for sale. As for shopping centers, “it is forbidden to sell fakes and replicas in any shopping centers.”

“And if you see Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger on the counter, then this is really Lacoste and Tommy (but this does not apply to shopping centers designed specifically for tourists). For violations of the law, there is a serious fine, and they can even close the store, ”the blogger explained on the channel.

However, tourists go to shopping centers not only for premium clothing brands. There are also inexpensive branded items with big discounts in Turkish departments: as a rule, items from old and very old collections are sold at a big discount.

The same conditions for the sale of goods apply to optics stores. “When buying glasses in optics, you can be 99.9% sure that this is the original,” she added.
However, in resort small shops that are located near hotels and city markets and squares, the situation is different there: “ Here you have Dolce Gabbana, Chanel and Lacoste. All at a super low price. And everything is fake. The same is true in the markets.”

A similar situation prevails on the country's Internet sites: “Large sites (such as Trendyol, Morhipo, Hepsiburada) will most likely not risk their name and sell fakes. Cheap things on the Internet are again stock left over from last year's collections. But what's the difference if you like the thing. But for some reason I do not trust the N11 site. From cosmetics, there are a lot of “delays”.

What to look for when buying in an online store?

In multi-brand online stores, goods are often displayed with a mark 100% orijinaldir – this means the product is original. The blogger shared a life hack: “if you find some thing or cosmetics, say on trendyol, check its availability on the official website of the brand. It can be much cheaper there.”

“… You can often see cosmetics of famous brands at bargain prices in the markets. Sellers claim that this is the original, just kaçak (illegally imported) or gümrük (no “customs clearance” and no taxes), or perfume testers. Don't believe. This is a fake – 100%,” the author shared.

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