The Russians were told where they can fly from Armenia on a direct flight

The Russians were told where they can fly from Armenia with direct flights

The list of destinations where you can fly from Armenia with direct flights was presented to tourists by the service. In total, through Yerevan, you can reach 21 countries, including resort countries, as well as Europe. In the latter, for example, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy and France are available.

In total, all international flights are carried out on 29 routes (excluding flights to Russia). All flights are operated from Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan.

The list includes several main areas. As for the countries of the “post-Soviet space”, as well as neighboring countries, the list includes the following destinations:

  1. Belarus: Minsk, Belavia
  2. Georgia: Tbilisi, Armenia Aircompany //FLYONE Armenia //FlyArna
  3. Kazakhstan: Aktau, SCAT //FlyArystan; Astana, SCAT
  4. Turkey: Istanbul, FLYONE Armenia //Pegasus; Antalya, Pegasus
  5. Iran: Tehran, Armenia Airways

The number of southern destinations, mainly resorts, includes

  1. Egypt: Hurghada, FlyArna; Sharm El Sheikh, Air Cairo //FlyArna
  2. Israel: Tel Aviv, Israir Airlines
  3. Qatar: Doha, Qatar Airways
  4. Cyprus: Larnaca, Wizz Air //Cyprus Airways
  5. Lebanon: Beirut, Middle East Airlines
  6. UAE: Dubai, Flydubai; Sharjah, Air Arabia; Abu Dhabi, Wizz Air

European destinations:

  1. Austria: Vienna, Austrian //Wizz Air
  2. Belgium: Brussels, Brussels Airlines
  3. Germany: Frankfurt am Main Condor //Lufthansa
  4. Greece: Athens, Aegean Airlines
  5. Italy: Venice, Wizz Air; Rome, Wizz Air; Milan FLYONE Armenia (since December 15)
  6. France: Paris, Air France //FLYONE Armenia //Transavia; Lyon FLYONE Armenia

Flights from Armenia to Lithuania and Poland are also available, but let us remind you that Russians are not allowed there for the purpose of tourism and are often simply “not allowed” on planes with a Russian passport.

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