The sea began to flood the coastal city of Turkey

The sea began to flood to flood the coastal city of Turkey

The global geological consequences of the earthquake in Turkey, Turkish hotels and beaches are at risk of experiencing in the near future. This is how pessimistic experts assessed the situation in the Turkish province of Hatay, which suffered from an earthquake: there the sea began to flood the coastal city of Iskenderun.

According to local media reports, the sea began to rise from Tuesday, February 7th. At the moment, as recorded by experts, the water has risen by several meters, the main rise in water was observed in the port area. Water has spilled over 200 meters on Mete Aslan Boulevard, some roads are flooded, water has not yet reached residential buildings, but some sources already report that people have been evacuated from threatened areas.

The whole question that experts are now arguing about in the Turkish media is what the consequences will be. Some experts refer to the fact that the rise of the sea is a temporary phenomenon that occurs after earthquakes. However, let us recall that the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey occurred in the most seismologically dangerous region of the region – at the point of collision of four plates – Anatolian, Arabian, Eurasian and African. And according to experts, the earthquake “shifted” the whole of Turkey by as much as 3 meters, and to the southwest. This was stated by the Italian professor-geologist Carlo Donioli. Read more about what it threatens in this material.

Note that the city of Iskenderun is practically unknown to Russian tourists – many first heard about it after the news about the earthquake, which also caused a strong fire in the port of the city. It is located in the south of Turkey, not far from the border with Syria, on the same Mediterranean Sea as Antalya, beloved by our tourists … True, the distance between cities along the road is over 730 km, but if the rise of the sea is indeed caused by “long-term” environmental processes – for Antalya and, by the way, not so far located Cyprus, there is some risk.

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