The sea left yet another resort popular with Russians, this time in Egypt

The sea left yet another popular resort among Russians, this time in Egypt

While climatologists are discussing which resorts are at risk of going under water in the next fifty years, in reality, a considerable number of resorts face the opposite problem. An extreme low tide was recorded at another resort popular with Russians. This time we are talking about Egypt and its most famous resort, Sharm el-Sheikh.

According to the local press, in some places the sea “left” by 5-10 meters. She is also supported by tourists who show videos on social networks: “A few days ago, the coastline was at the beach umbrellas, now you can walk on such hard sand almost to the depth,” one of the tourists shows and wonders: “What is going on at all?”.

At the same time, the largest low tides are recorded not only in the Red Sea, but also in the Mediterranean. In Turkey, in the southwest in the province of Mugla, the Aegean Sea receded immediately by 50 meters. This phenomenal low tide was recorded on the coast of the town of Akyaka in the Ula region (Mugla province), located between two major resorts of the Aegean Sea – Bodrum and Marmaris. Local residents say that this phenomenon has happened for the second time in the current week. And, although low tides occur every year in the same period, this one still turned out to be a record holder. In addition, local residents are frightened – whether it is a harbinger of an earthquake. Read what experts say about this in this TURPROM article.

On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy, a phenomenal ebb tide again brought an unpleasant surprise to tourists in Venice. Tours are canceled, traffic is suspended, as the sea suddenly left the city. The canals in Venice have almost dried up in recent days due to strong low tides and an extreme drop in the water level – it is fixed at half a meter from normal. This interferes with the operation of water taxis, gondolas and urban emergency services using boats. And again – although this phenomenon has already occurred more than once and just a couple of years ago, another drop in sea level causes serious concern in the “city on the water”. Read more here.

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