The search for beer in Qatar ended unexpectedly for fans: they ended up in the Sheikh's palace

The search for beer in Qatar ended unexpectedly for the fans: they ended up in the sheikh's palace

The story in the spirit of oriental tales about Qatar was told by the English football fans. In sports social networks, a story appeared from an England fan about how an evening that began with a “search for beer” ended in the palace of the sheikh's son with monkeys, lions and exotic birds …

The evening began as a “hunt for beer,” they say, and then a group of English fans were lucky enough to meet up with seemingly locals, Nawaf and Abdul Aziz, “who clearly knew the area better.” Then one of the people we met “declared that he was the son of a sheikh” and invited the fans to visit.

“He took us to the palace and showed that he had lions here and all that. We had a great time, lounging, preparing for the game and having fun. I think that I hit the jackpot,” said the fan.

Let us remind you that even countries far from Qatar use the championship for tourism purposes. So in the Thai zoo, a lion-predictor begins to collect tourists, which “predicts” the results of football matches. Read more at this link.

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