The State Duma proposed to postpone the return of money to Russian tourists

The State Duma proposed to postpone the refund of money to Russian tourists

The State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations proposed to postpone the return of money to tourists on “sanctioned” tours, that is, on tours purchased before February 24 and failed due to air sanctions and other closures. According to ATOR, the committee recommended the adoption of amendments that would give the Russian government the right to grant a deferment on the return of money for tours purchased before February 24, 2022 and failed.

According to the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Development of Tourism Infrastructure Sangadzhi Tarbaev, it is planned to supplement the powers of the Government of the Russian Federation provided for by the Federal Law of March 8, 2022 No. 46-FZ “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” payment of funds for tours with contracts concluded before February 24, 2022, the execution of which, for objective reasons, turned out to be impossible. The main goal of the amendments, as the deputy explained, is the need to avoid mass bankruptcy of Russian tour operators in order to extend the period of repayment of debts to customers, including by providing an equivalent tourist product.

As ATOR experts added, the proposed amendments are in the interests of not only tour operators, but also tourists. “The difficulty of returning money to tourists is due, first of all, to the impossibility of returning deposits paid by tour operators from unfriendly countries … Without state support, it will be impossible to pay funds in a number of areas, which will lead to a violation of the rights of thousands of consumers,” the association explained earlier.

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