The stench of indelible feces: toilets at the airport were left without water, thousands of tourists are horrified

The stench of indelible feces: toilets at the airport were left without water, thousands of tourists were horrified

London's second largest airport after Heathrow, Gatwick Airport, has run out of water, leaving restaurants closed, toilets unable to be flushed and tourists having to endure the stench of unwashed feces. A stench is spreading throughout the UK airport…

Incidentally, Gatwick Airport is one of the ten worst airports in Europe, announcing the cancellation of 4,000 flights during this summer. Details in the material “A new ranking of airports in terms of the level of tourist chaos due to flight cancellations” was compiled.

Another blow to passengers after weeks of travel chaos was a water main burst that caused low water pressure in the terminal, The Sun reported. Only two toilets were supposed to be open, but with signs warning passengers of outages.

Meanwhile, some restaurants have been forced to close due to serious hygiene issues due to lack of water. The airport has apologized and is offering passengers free bottled water until the matter is “quickly resolved.”

So, 49-year-old passenger Raquel Rodriguez was heading to Spain from the British Gatwick on Thursday and faced the problem of lack of water. She spoke about the huge queues of tourists in two intermittent booths – the only ones in the entire terminal. According to her, it was a terrible ordeal.

“There are only two toilets in the entire terminal and you can imagine what the queues are like. No one wants to close the airport, but there is a heated debate between staff and people trying to travel with young families,” the tourist said. Water company SES told British media that the problem was caused by a burst main pipe in Crawley, West Sussex and staff are working to fix it.

The sanitary problem is an extension of the chaos that has been raging at airports and airlines in Europe over the past few weeks. So, in Gatwick, the number of daily flights will be limited to 825 in July and 850 in August – compared to 900 per day during the same period in previous years. The announcement of the cancellation of flights ruined the summer plans of about 800,000 vacationers.

The no-water decision came after a statement that the company was “temporarily holding back growth” for two months to prevent a collapse. An airport spokesman said: “A problem with the SES water supply to Gatwick and surroundings this morning resulted in lower than normal water pressure throughout the airport. We are working closely with SES Water to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Bottled water is provided to passengers and staff throughout the airport, and other contingency measures are in place to ensure the well-being of our passengers. We apologize for any inconvenience to passengers.”

On the other hand, a representative from SES Water also made an announcement: “We have identified a water main break at Shipley Bridge, Crawley and are working hard to resolve the issue. As we move forward with the repairs, we hope this will begin to restore pressure on the surrounding areas.”

Earlier this week, an EasyJet passenger revealed that people were close to “mutiny” as they waited for their flight to take off. flight after a seven-hour delay. The plane was scheduled to take off from Gatwick Airport for Dubrovnik in Croatia early Monday morning. But the travelers were made to wait until evening before they could board a plane, and then wait another four hours at the airfield. The airline blamed the wait on “staff sickness at Gatwick airport” and travel delays.

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