The stewardess called from which country the most disgusting passengers on board

The stewardess named the country from which the most disgusting passengers on board

The most disgusting passengers on board the airliners are the British. This observation was made by flight attendant Christina Galvidite, who worked for one of the world's largest airlines for 6 years.

In an interview with The Telegraph, she shared her opinion about British passengers and stated the simple reason why she did not like meeting them on board the plane. “British people tend to start drinking or even start drinking at the airport, regardless of the time of day, so many people already get on the plane drunk or at least tipsy – and continue their fun in the air. I am a person from Eastern Europe, and I have not seen such a culture anywhere else, ”the flight attendant expressed her opinion.

While there are strict drinking rules regarding how much alcohol can be served by airlines to each passenger, many UK citizens have found other ways to legally consume alcohol on board an aircraft. As a rule, these are trips to duty-free shops. “The British are the worst passengers to deal with in terms of disruptive behavior,” she added.

The airline employee also spoke about traits of other passengers that annoyed her. These include tourists blocking the passage, parents who allow their children to make a mess on board, and anyone who needs to be reminded several times to wear seat belts.

A special category of travelers are those who ask the most annoying questions for flight attendants. “It seems that no one knows how to open the toilet doors, although there is a sign right in front of them explaining how to do it,” the interlocutor gave an example.

However, the stewardess also named those who, in her opinion , is almost an ideal tourist. These are citizens of continental Europe, and especially from Scandinavia. They are the best behaved, so they are her favorite passengers on board.

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