The stewardess gave advice and gave information about seats in economy class for those who want to get a good night's sleep during the flight

The stewardess gave advice and informed about seats in economy class for those who want to sleep well during the flight

In economy class, you can also get a good sleep during the flight, the former flight attendant of the British airline British Airways told the Express newspaper. To do this, you just need to know where to sit down, and which places are best avoided. The girl also generously shared other useful air life hacks with passengers.

First of all, she recalled the hardships of tourists on long-haul flights. The most pleasant thing, in her opinion, is to close your eyes and open them at your destination. So how do you get uninterrupted sleep on board? As it turned out, specific seats on the plane determine the duration of sleep. “If you're sitting by the window and planning to get some sleep, especially when flying at night in daylight, close the curtains after takeoff,” she advised.

For passengers who want to sleep during the flight, the back of the aircraft is best suited, according to an insider. There you can relax away from noisy children. “But if you book a middle aisle front row seat on a long haul flight, yes you can get extra legroom, but you will most likely be seated next to your child. That's because this chair has a fold-out table for cribs/cradles so the kids can sleep instead of on someone's lap the whole flight,” flight attendant Samantha explained.

Finally, she gave important advice to everyone who sleeps under a blanket on an airplane. Before getting comfortable and closing her eyes, she urged to make sure that the tourist laid the blanket correctly – flight attendants need to see the seat belt, i.e. Passengers are required to fasten their seat belts over their blankets so that flight attendants “do not wake them up to check every time the appropriate warning signs come on.” These are the flight rules.

In addition, the airline employee spoke about those who take their own blankets and pillows with them. “These tourists get better sleep because used to their bedding,” she assured. In conclusion, the girl advised travelers to always wear clothes suitable for sleeping. For example, leggings, a loose top, an oversized jumper and comfortable socks. Anything that is too tight or restrictive can make it hard to sleep.

In addition, mattress expert Hayley Green also shared her own opinion on how best to sleep in the air. “Leaning forward over the tray table is the best seating position for maximum relaxation. But lying back and leaning left and right are the worst positions for sleeping in a chair,” the expert said in an interview with Forbes.

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