The stewardess revealed the secret of how to get a freebie in economy class

A flight attendant revealed the secret of how to get a freebie in economy class

they won't be able to get free economy class privileges.

According to The Sun, these are small gifts for flight personnel working on the flight. While such compliments do not guarantee a seat in first class, there are some perks you can count on.

The flight attendant explained that passengers offering a small token of their appreciation can sometimes make a big difference in their day. “Sometimes we are on the road for a couple of days in a row, performing several flights one after another with cascading delays. It’s the thought that really matters,” she explained.

A small gift can make a difference in whether a tourist sits in cramped quarters or gets a little extra legroom, she says. “I'd say it probably won't get you a business class seat if you're seated in economy, but (the gift) could be something that tips the scales between sharing an aisle with someone else and giving one last empty seat.” next to you,” added the flight attendant.

The Air Canada flight attendant isn't the only one who offered to bring gifts for your flight attendant. For example, Sean Katlin, a retired flight attendant who has worked in aviation for seven years, said earlier that such a move could encourage staff to bring passengers free drinks during the flight. “Bring them chocolate. Bring them candy. It's only a few dollars, just to say thank you. I guarantee you get free drinks. One hundred percent,” the expert advised.

Another anonymous crew member said gifts were not even needed to receive preferential treatment. Instead, he recommended just always being nice, friendly, and treating your flight attendants with respect.

“Flight attendants are usually allowed to give alcohol to passengers whenever they want. You are much more likely to get free drinks if the flight is not full, so always be polite and friendly with the staff, ”the expert said.

Stewardess and aviation blogger Amanda Pleva supported this idea, saying that a simple polite greetings from flight attendants can go a long way. In a blog post for FlyerTalk, she wrote, “You know what's the worst thing about my job? It's not like cleaning up vomit or dealing with an angry passenger yelling in my face – that's when I'm standing at the door of an airplane greeting people and they ignore me. When someone clearly sees me, ignores my “hello” and walks by, it's inhuman. Even if you think we don't notice it, we do. And it comes back whenever it's possible – maybe it's a free drink, maybe we pat you on the back and put you in an empty row. Or maybe it's just very attentive service.”

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