The stewardess showed the dirtiest part of the plane that everyone uses, and this is not a toilet

The stewardess showed the dirtiest part of the plane that everyone uses, and it's not a toilet

The dirtiest and bacteria-infested part of the aircraft cabin, which is used by most tourists, is not the toilet at all, but the pocket on the back of the chair. The current flight attendant announced this by posting the corresponding video on her TikTok account.

“Did you know that seatback pockets are actually the dirtiest surface on an airplane? They are dirtier than toilets, they are dirtier than seat cushions, and they are dirtier than tray tables. Let me tell you why. This is because they are never cleaned and the contents are not removed from there. All the cleaners do is go into the salon and take out the trash. Thus, all these germs are constantly accumulating, and these surfaces are not regularly cleaned, while the toilets are regularly wiped and disinfected,” the flight attendant told the shocking details.

Tourists who watched the video were stunned by this information . “I usually put my phone in there”, “Never touch them again”, “I didn’t need to know that. I fly a lot. Ugh,” they left such comments under the video.

Others had their own horror stories. Here are some of them:

  • “That's very true! I once saw a parent put a used diaper in the back seat pocket.”
  • “I will always see people putting their feet in there.”

Other flight attendants agreed with the warning voiced by their colleague. So, flight attendant Beth Windsor, who has worked in the profession for more than a decade, said the following: “I still encounter countless dirty diapers and underwear in seat pockets. So think twice before storing food there.”

Another flight attendant posted on the Reddit forum that read: “Dirty wipes, hospital bags, panties, socks, fingernails and toenails, gum, half sucked sweets, apple cores – that's what I found there.”

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