The stewardess spoke about the important step to be taken in case of a flight delay or cancellation

A flight attendant spoke about an important step to take in case of a flight delay or cancellation

In case of a delay or cancellation tourists must take one simple but important step before flying, said former flight attendant and current government spokesperson for flight attendants Ellie Malys. It's about stocking up on your own food and not relying on travelers being fed. The expert shared the details on the Reddit forum.

This summer has not been a good one for air travel: in Russia due to the closure of southern airports and the cancellation of a number of flights, and in Europe due to staff shortages, strikes and heat waves that have led to chaos at airports around the world. This summer, thousands more tourists hope to go on a long-awaited vacation. However, with employees not planning to end their strikes and with a passenger limit already in place, some will be disappointed with flight cancellations or delays.

However, if a flight is delayed, a simple step can be taken to at least make the situation less nervous. For example, flight attendants spokeswoman Ellie Malys explained a major mistake that most airline customers make, which only worsens the situation for both passengers and flight attendants. In her opinion, tourists do not take food with them. In this regard, she urged everyone traveling by plane this difficult summer to bring snacks and drinks with them in case of a long wait for a flight.

These include a variety of non-perishable items and a refillable water bottle that can be refilled once security has been cleared. “If your flight is delayed on the runway for any length of time, or if you find yourself in a long line, you can have a drink and a bite to eat. In addition, some airlines still do not provide in-flight catering services that existed before the coronavirus pandemic, and even if they resumed catering, there may be service disruptions,” she said.

Even if the plane manages to take off on time, drinks and snacks can still come in handy when the airliner takes off. “If the weather is bad, if it’s really bumpy, there is no guarantee that we can safely deliver drinks,” the expert added. In addition, some flight attendants advise you to bring your own food, as it will be tastier and better than what is served on the plane. So, with 12 years of experience as a flight attendant, Justin Barnes shared his insider knowledge on social networks about why the food on the plane is so bad and how to avoid disappointment. Budget meals are usually made in huge factories in Europe that turn out millions of meals a year. Their goal is to make the meal as cheap and as fast as possible, so they freeze and then ship the food all over the world. More expensive meals are prepared in huge airport kitchens and then chilled to keep them a little fresher. My advice is this. Take a lot of snacks, drinks, sweets, fruits and everything you like in your hand luggage, ”the specialist concluded.

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