The terrible truth about planes without pilots: airlines are preparing to take the final step

The terrible truth about pilotless planes: airlines are preparing to take the final step

Tourists are preparing to be transferred to “drones” – and this may happen as early as the end of this decade. Such a “terrible truth” about planes without pilots – and that airlines and aircraft manufacturers say they are ready to take the last step for this – was presented to its readers by the British newspaper The Sun. The most terrible part of this truth is that the only purpose of this “innovation” is to save money, while the safety of passengers is in fact discounted – they are willing to take risks for the sake of profit.

The publication says that the creation of “autonomous” aircraft is declared as a “potential way to reduce costs” for airlines. The plans, shared by Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun, state that there are still “some processes to be worked out” before the passenger drone is taken into the air – but this is not so far away. Small “self-propelled aircraft” will be able to carry passengers by the end of this decade, experts say. Also, the aircraft manufacturers assure that at the same time “they must build confidence” and the new equipment must first go through the certification process.

However, aviation experts – and first of all, pilots – reacted critically to this idea. Dennis Tager, who piloted for 35 years before becoming a spokesman for the Allied Pilots' Association, said the whole idea was born purely to save money. “It's all about the money. Manufacturers are looking for the next innovative technology to deploy to sell and make money, and airlines are looking for a way to do it cheaper.” He mentioned that drones have been used in military affairs for many years, but at the moment airline manufacturers have decided to consider using this technology for commercial flights.

Passengers can be reassured by only one fact: aboard cargo aircraft. But “all airlines are looking forward to the moment when pilots can be abandoned,” the industrialists assure.

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