The tourist did not allow the passenger to recline the front seat because of his long legs, causing an uproar

The tourist did not allow the passenger to recline the front seat because of his long legs, causing a storm of indignation

A tourist flying in economy class did not let the passenger in front of him recline his seat due to the fact that he had too long legs that rested on the seat. He spoke about the storm of indignation received in response on the Reddit forum.

Despite his height of 196 cm, the 25-year-old airline passenger on short flights did not encounter the problem of cramped seats. However, during the 4-hour flight, something went wrong. “The passenger sitting right in front of me tried to lean back, but then I realized that my knees were preventing me from doing this,” the tourist began his story.

After that, the girl turned around and looked at the man with anger, and then tried again. “It annoyed me a little, but I apologized and told her that I couldn’t move my legs to the side without disturbing the space of people around me. She accused me of doing it on purpose and just wanting more space for myself,” the young man complained.

The angry woman insulted the tourist by saying that he should have paid extra to book an emergency exit seat with more legroom and not disturb people like her. “To be honest, I find people who recline their seats in economy class annoying and disrespectful. So I didn't try too hard to give in to her,” the man continued.

The narrator is sure he doesn't have to choose emergency exit seats. Moreover, it was not necessary before. Several commentators of similar build agreed with the position of the tourist. “You could probably get an aisle seat, but you paid for your seat too and you are entitled to your space. It's not your fault that you're too tall for her to recline her seat,” wrote one of them.

Others objected that on flights everyone has the right to recline their seat. “People can already travel ten or fifteen hours and need to sleep. They may have arthritis or other severe back pain. Not all injuries are visible. You are an inattentive person,” the tall tourist was criticized.

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