The tourist told how she hides an extra bag on the flights of a budget airline

Tourist reveals how she hides an extra bag on low cost airline flights

A tourist known on TikTok as jessvibesonly made a video of herself hiding an extra bag on low-cost airline flights. This trick allows you to take two pieces of hand luggage on the plane instead of one at no extra charge.

The secret of the girl is to wear a loose sweatshirt on the flight. In the video, she shows how she takes off her fanny pack, then takes off her sweatshirt, after which she puts the bag back on and over it a sweatshirt. A tourist gets on board the plane only with a small suitcase as hand luggage, without arousing suspicion.

This method can be useful if the low-cost airline has very strict requirements regarding the number of things in hand luggage. However, in the comments under the video, which received 350,000 views, users' opinions were divided.

One of the subscribers wrote: “Thanks for the advice.” Another shared his method: “I always hide my bag under my coat.” But those who were not impressed by the tourist's advice also spoke out. Some have even offered to pay for extra bags rather than smuggling them on board.

However, the video of the girl is not the first time a passenger has used ingenious hacks to smuggle an extra bag on board a low-cost flight. One of them was even charged with “rudeness” and “unacceptable behavior” after a security camera recorded him hiding several bags before boarding a plane. The method was simple: he stacked extra bags on top of his suitcase, stretched out by the handle, and then slipped his coat over the handle, hiding the secret bags inside.

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