The tourist told where abroad you can eat for 100 rubles a day

Tourist told where you can eat abroad for 100 rubles a day

What is good about the “newly discovered” destinations by our tourists is the cheapness of “everyday needs” and, in particular, food. On his channel in Yandex.Zen, a travel blogger conducted an interesting experiment to prove this thesis – he found out whether it is possible to live in Kyrgyzstan for a day with only 100 rubles for food. Let's just say that the experiment was a success for the tourist.

“Not only did I manage to organize three meals a day, but by the end of the day I still had change,” says the tourist. He also noted that the exchange rate of the Russian ruble is slightly higher than the exchange rate of the Kyrgyz som, which makes the already low food prices even cheaper.

The tourist did not count his first meal – it was breakfast at the hotel, included in the cost of living. “Although modest, but still a buffet. The Kyrgyz did their best and prepared fruits, vegetables, cold cuts and even hot dishes. Considering that I was the only guest in the hotel, I was especially pleased with such hospitality, ”says the blogger.

The first “paid” breakfast can be wanted pretty quickly,” writes the blogger. Breakfast was samsa with potatoes and local street drinks. “So, the first expenses amounted to 35 soms: samsa – 25 soms, a glass of maksym – 10 soms,” the tourist said.

For lunch, according to him, he looked into the local barbecue – “you could buy an inexpensive kebab there.” The tourist also received a bonus for meat – free tea and salad for meat, and as the blogger notes, free tea is offered very often. As a result, lunch cost 30 soms – the price of a kebab.

“I remembered that I should have dinner in the evening. Thinking about what I should eat, I remembered my student days – a bottle of kefir and half a loaf. Only in Kyrgyzstan I replaced them with a local flatbread and chalap (Kyrgyz fermented milk drink). The cost of dinner is another 30 soms: a hot cake is 20 soms, a glass of chalap is 10 soms,” the blogger says.

As a result, the experiment was a success: the tourist ate quite normally, spending 95 soms on food. “Not only did I have 5 som left in change, but also the exchange rate of the ruble is slightly higher than the Kyrgyz som – that is, by the evening I had 10 rubles left,” the blogger added.

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