The tourist was shocked to find 3'100'000 rubles in the room upon check-in

The tourist was shocked to find 3'100'000 rubles in the room when checking into the hotel

A foreign traveler checks into a hotel room in Las Vegas and doesn't expect to find a shocking cash find in the cloakroom that maids must clean after each guest checks out.

When vacationers check into their hotels, they expect that the room will be clean and tidy and, of course, there will be no traces of the presence of the previous guest and, of course, his things. However, The Sun reported on a unique case when a traveler, after checking into a hotel, found a large sum of money behind the closet doors. Then the man practically hit the jackpot.

In a Quora post, he asked other tourists if they had ever found anything unexpected in their hotel rooms before making his own unusual find public. “I live in Las Vegas (USA) and stay in hotels randomly throughout the year. When I was putting away my things in the closet, a bag fell on the floor from the place where the extra pillows are stored. Inside it was an unmarked bank deposit bag with almost $45,000 (3.1 million in rubles at the current exchange rate) in cash,” he shared.

The man called security, who filed a complaint and called the police. “I was told that the hotel must hold the bag for 30 days and see if the owner claims it, and only after that I can claim it,” the author added.

Despite the fact that the hotel staff and the police called previous vacationers who stayed in the same room, no one got in touch. As a result, the money went to the lucky one. After thinking about how to spend the unexpected bonus, the tourist donated $2,000 (about 140,000 rubles) in cash to charity. In the comments section, he wrote the following: “I collected crayons and coloring books for people in cancer treatment centers and hospitals. I know what it's like to be a patient in these centers and I want to help others.” Users were quick to praise the man for his honest actions. “Thank you for notifying the hotel and the police”, “You did the right thing and you were lucky,” the traveler’s users praised for honesty.

However, this is really a rare case when guests find leftover things from departed guests. Rather, the situation is reversed in hotels – vacationers often like to take one or two items home with them as a memento of the trip. Sometimes these are not just harmless “samples” of shampoo and conditioner and other mini-toiletries provided free of charge, but also bathrobes, coffee capsules, towels and even decor items.

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