The tourists were horrified: the stewardess told what the crew does when one of the passengers dies

The tourists were horrified: the flight attendant told what the crew does when one of the passengers dies

A terrible story for passengers was told on the social network TikTok by the current flight attendant Sheena Mari: she answered the unnerving question of what flight attendants do if a passenger dies on the plane during the flight. The answer excited the tourists even more: often, if there are no empty seats in the tail of the plane, the deceased passenger will remain in his seat until the flight lands, i.e. his fellow travelers are forced to continue flying with the corpse.

“If they have a heart attack and initial CPR doesn’t help them — and they die, there’s nothing we can do about it. We'll just wait until we get to our final destination, keeping the dead body where it is,” the flight attendant said. She clarified that if there are empty seats on the plane, for example, the back row of seats, the deceased will be transferred there, covering him with a blanket. If not, he will remain in his seat until medical personnel board after landing.

Tourists, it must be said, were horrified. “If the person next to me on the plane dies and you all try to leave him next to me, I will literally jump out of the window”, “Just know that I will sit on someone’s lap if there are no more seats,” they write in the comments nervous users.

Others tell their own stories – one tourist, for example, told what happened when her husband died on an Air New Zealand long-haul flight between Los Angeles and Auckland. “When he did not wake up, I called the steward, who then went and called for help from a passenger who was a doctor. He performed routine vital signs tests and declared my husband dead about four hours before landing. He remained in his sleeping place, covered with a blanket until the end of the trip, and I lay next to him and held him until we landed, ”the tourist said.

By the way, a person also appeared in the comments , who also claims to work in aviation – and supplemented this horror story with another one. Often, even on passenger air travel, coffins fly as cargo.

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