The travel agent dispelled the popular myth in Russia about Thailand

Travel agent has dispelled the myth about Thailand, popular in Russia

“A misconception that walks through the minds of travelers” called the blogger-travel agent the confidence of tourists about the rainy season in summer in Thailand. On his channel in Yandex.Zen, he decided to dispel this myth – from his point of view, created by “employees of classic travel agencies”, who were more profitable to sell more profitable charter Turkey and Europe in the summer. He also gave recommendations to tourists on where and when in Thailand it is better to relax in the summer season.

First of all, he recalled that Thailand is a huge country, consisting of 77 provinces, stretching more than 2,300 km from north to south, which is washed by different oceans and seas, and in completely different climatic zones, rainy seasons at different times. Further, the blogger presented the following division of Thailand with resorts by weather and seasons:

In the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean), the rainy season begins in May and lasts until the end of October. The rains are generally short (an hour a day, often at night), do not interfere with rest and even help, refreshing the hot air. The main problem for many vacationers at this time is the big waves on the sea, especially on the west coast, and surfers, on the contrary, just go here for the waves. The main resorts in this water area: about. Phuket, Krabi, about. Phi Phi, oh Lanta, Phang Nga, Khao Lak, about. Lipe.

In the north of the Gulf of Thailand (South China Sea), the rainy season also occurs in summer and the first half of autumn. The rains here are slightly longer than on the Andaman coast, but the waves are not as big. The main resorts in this water area: about. Chang, Trat, oh. Mac, oh Where.

In the south of the Gulf of Thailand, the climate is significantly different: the rainy season here falls on the period from the second half of October to early March, and dry, calm weather lasts from March to October. The rainiest months are November and December, when the intensity of precipitation can lead to floods. The summer months and September are considered the best season – they are not only the sunniest, but also the most fertile: most tropical fruits ripen at this time. The main resorts in this water area: about. Koh Samui, oh Koh Phangan, oh Tao, oh Nang Yuan, Chumphon.

There are also regions in Thailand where there is no pronounced seasonality. These are the resorts of Pattaya, Rayong, Hua Hin, Cha Am and Pranburi. And, in fact, the capital of Bangkok. You can visit these places all year round without fear of falling into prolonged downpours.

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