The travel agent realized that in the summer there would not be enough places in Sochi for everyone and found where a Russian tourist can relax on the sea in the face of sanctions

The travel agent understood that in the summer there will not be enough places in Sochi for everyone and I found where a Russian tourist can relax on the sea under the conditions of sanctions

If the situation around Ukraine and sanctions against Russia continue to develop, Russian tourists will go en masse in the next beach season to local resorts. However, not everyone will have enough good places in the popular and non-rubber Sochi. The travel agent called the main vacation spot of the Soviet elite, the territory of present-day Abkhazia, a good alternative to Turkey and a fallback option.

On the Yandex.Zen channel, she said that Abkhazia attracts Russians with beautiful nature, hotels at reasonable prices, delicious dishes of Caucasian national cuisine, idyllic beaches and the blue water of the Black Sea.

The direction is suitable as a “package” , and individual tourists, since it is possible to get to Abkhazia from Russia only through the land border. The distance from Adler to it is only 8 km.

“Since we are going to go by car, then we will definitely see Sochi, we will stop by Krasnaya Polyana, ride along the coast, all this is very interesting to me,” the tourism specialist explained.

“I did not expect such a number decent hotels in Abkhazia!” – the expert exclaimed and stopped at the boarding house “Literary Fund”, which is “very nice in appearance, but with elements of the” scoop “. According to her, the hotel is suitable for a beach holiday, as it has a green area and a beach with a pine grove.

According to the travel agent, under the sanctions, traveling abroad can be dangerous and expensive. Problems with air traffic can increase the risk of canceling a trip, and the instability of the ruble can significantly increase the cost of a tour.

As for the Russian south and Crimea, the expert did not consider a vacation for her family there. “Crimea …. is ours, of course, but in the light of recent events, its location confuses me. We will definitely come here later. Moreover, there are so many interesting things to see here!” she wrote.

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