The travel agent reported how male tourists are turned around when departing at the border

Travel agent reported how male tourists are turned away when departing at the border

Against the background of the announced partial mobilization in Russia, information appeared on the network about a ban on the departure of male tourists of mobilization age from the country. So, a travel agent from Yekaterinburg told in her Yandex.Zen channel how and in which cities men are turned around when departing at the border, and where they leave the Russian Federation calmly.

“There are a lot of messages from travel agents specifically from Moscow: every day someone is sent home with a notification that “when leaving the Russian Federation, in accordance with Article 21 of the Federal Law of February 26, 1997 No. of the Russian Federation”, you were denied permission to cross the state border of the Russian Federation. For clarification, you need to contact the military commissariat at the place of military registration, ”the expert cited the reason for the refusal to fly.

According to her, a flight from Russia abroad is like a roulette wheel and, in fact, the content of the decree posted in the public domain differs from the real state of affairs. “They don’t let people under 35 and over 40, and there are even those who found out in advance at the military registration and enlistment office whether they can leave and they told him there that you can go calmly,” the author added.

With a general panic, tourists began to be afraid to book tours abroad, because they are worried that instead of resting they will stay at home and simply lose money: “So far, none of our tourists have been sent home. Not only mine, but also my colleagues from other travel agencies. That is, in Koltsovo (the airport in Yekaterinburg), the situation is more stable than in Moscow, and this pleases.

The travel agent published correspondence with its tourists who flew to Turkey on October 1 on vacation. According to them, the border guards only care about one question: “When did you buy the tour?” Moreover, the answer does not affect the pass abroad. One tourist replied that he had bought the tour yesterday and was quietly let through as well. Therefore, it is not clear why this question is being asked,” she noted.

Let's give the answer of a traveler who flew from Russia to Turkey on October 1 and told a travel agent about the situation at the airport: “Gone. In airplane. 1.5 hour queue to check in luggage. Duty free is almost empty: vodka and whiskey, perfume and glasses. When we bought tickets, they did not ask for documents. There are many men, different ages.”

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