The Turkish resort announced the early opening of the summer season, following the main competitor

Turkish resort announced the early opening of the summer season, following the main competitor

The first Turkish season reported on the opening of the summer season – an early opening was announced in the Turkish resort of Dalaman in the province of Mugla. According to the Turkish tourism media, the first tourist flight is due to arrive at the resort on March 17. The resort did not specify where the tourists will arrive from, but most likely, the British will open the Turkish resort, on which Dalaman makes the main bet. Recall that it was tourists from the UK who have already opened the season in Greece, Turkey's main Mediterranean competitor for European markets.

“Mugla is catching up on missed years in tourism since last year – so this season we are off to a fast start. The results of the bookings are encouraging – we expect to receive about 2 million tourists at Dalaman Airport, ”Mutlu Ayhan, President of the Marmaris Chamber of Commerce, was quoted by the media as saying. According to him, such figures “delight tourism professionals.”

Mr. Aykhan also reported on how the main markets will be distributed according to current bookings. So far, the British are leading by a large margin: “Until the end of October, we will accept a total of 1,280,000 from the UK, 252,000 from Russia, 133,000 from the Middle East and 335,000 from other markets. According to our assumptions, we will receive about 2 million tourists in total. If we can finish the season with these figures, I believe that this will be a great recovery for our economy,” he said.

Recall that Turkey’s main competitor for European tourists recently announced the opening of the season (as for Russian country is closed). The opening of the summer season much earlier than last years was announced in Greece, announcing the first charters with tourists who arrived on the Greek island of Rhodes. Tourists have already arrived there on flights from London Heathrow, as well as Gatwick and Manchester airports. Greece hopes for a 20% increase in tourism and an increase in income. Hopes, however, are pinned on the British and tourists from the United States, since the Russian market, as they say in Greece, is “frozen”. Read more at this link.

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