The Turks began a mass hunt for Russian tourists in Google

The Turks started a massive hunt for Russian tourists in Google

The query “how to take a Russian tourist” in Turkish Google was in first place. This means a massive number of such requests from Turkish “pick-up artists” who want to “remove” a tourist from Russia, spreading her for sex or a small holiday romance. According to Turkish media, in recent months, ie. in the summer season, the situation with this in Turkey has clearly worsened. In fact, it can be stated that the Turks have begun a mass hunt for Russian tourists, so our vacationers need to be extremely careful and choosy in their acquaintances.

“The most popular phrase was: “Antalya to rent a Russian tourist.” This situation can be observed in Google search queries in Turkey,” Turkish media write. According to them, as soon as the query “antalya rus tur…” is typed in the search engine, the word “tavlama” immediately appears in the search engine – Turkish jargon, one of the meanings of which is “remove, glue”.

In popularity even the search for “Russian” hotels in Antalya yielded to this request. Turkish publications are not exactly happy with this situation – they declared such a search “aggressive and humiliating.” And the Russian “natashas” were warned, just in case, that such a search was potentially fraught with sexual violence.

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