The weather in Antalya has become like in Moscow: meteorologists told what to be prepared for next week

The weather in Antalya has become like in Moscow: meteorologists reported what to be prepared for next week

Climatic conditions in Turkish Antalya approached Moscow values ​​in the past days. From the pages of Antalya Ekspres, meteorologists told what tourists should be prepared for next week.

According to the information received from the Main Department of Meteorology, partly cloudy weather was observed in Antalya on Tuesday, and the air temperature reached a maximum of +21 °C. This is a good start for the beach season.

So, here's what the weather is expected in the main resort province of Turkey this week:

  • Wednesday, April 26: heavy rain, afternoon temperatures will reach +20°C, humidity – 66-91%.
  • Thursday, April 27: rain with thunderstorms, air temperature drops to +18°C, temperature drops slightly at night – up to +16°C, humidity – 73-94%.
  • Friday 28 April: Showers with thunderstorms, air warming up to +21°C, humidity 42-95%.
  • Saturday 29 April: Variable expected Cloudy, in some places rain with thunderstorms, strong wind. Daytime temperature will reach +22°C, at night it will get colder – only +14°C, humidity – 33-49%.
  • Sunday, April 30: light rain in places, partly cloudy, daytime temperature will be +20 °C, nighttime temperature will be +15 °C, humidity will be 52-74%.

Meanwhile, in Moscow this week, weather forecasters also predict some precipitation in the form of rain, the thermometer at night will still drop to + 8 ° C, but during the day it will be noticeably warmer – + 16-18 ° C.

Help: The weather in Turkey in April is usually more or less warm, but not hot yet. In most of the country, including in the sightseeing Istanbul and the capital Ankara, the average monthly temperature is about + 16-17 ° C, and in Antalya and Cappadocia, popular with Russians, it is several degrees warmer – + 19-20 ° C. April is a relatively dry month, heavy rains in some coastal areas have already passed or are coming to an end. At the end of the month, it arrives on the beaches of the southern province: tourists go out to sunbathe, but it's still too early to swim in the Mediterranean. But the weather is ideal for outdoor walks and excursions to historical and cultural attractions.

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