The whole country will close the borders for the entry of foreign tourists for 2 months, and this is not at all due to covid

The whole country will close its borders to foreign tourists for 2 months, and this not at all because of the covid

For two months – from November 1 to December 23 – Qatar plans to completely close from tourists. The reason, oddly enough, is the most “tourist”, and not at all covid: the World Cup taking place in the country on these dates. The country has announced that it will close to all foreign tourists, except for fans, who will be offered special identification. This is for safety and convenience.

This is the Hayya card, a special form of identification that will be allowed to enter Qatar. The card will also be used to identify incoming World Cup ticket holders and “facilitate the provision of various services aimed at enhancing their experience in Qatar.”

However, Qatar will be closed to ordinary tourists. Only holders of work visas, citizens of the Gulf countries, as well as citizens arriving in the country due to humanitarian situations will be exempted from the need to acquire a fan card.

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