The world's largest cruise ship for 9,000 tourists will be scrapped

The world's largest cruise ship for 9,000 tourists will be scrapped

The world's largest cruise ship worth more than 83 billion rubles will be sold for scrap, never having made no flight. We are talking about Global Dream II, which has no analogues in terms of size, configuration and capacity in the world. The reason is the bankruptcy of the shipyard due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused huge damage to the tourism sector, and the lack of buyers for the megaliner.

With the capacity to carry a whopping 9,000 passengers, the Global Dream II was to be an incredible sight for tourists and the largest cruise ship in the world by passenger capacity. It surpasses Wonder of the Seas, which currently holds the record for the largest cruise ship. By comparison, in terms of capacity, the Wonder of the Seas can accommodate an impressive 6,988 passengers.

The reason why this huge ship is sent straight to the landfill is because of its colossal cost. According to reports, the construction cost 83 billion rubles. The ship was built by the German-Hong Kong firm MV Werften, which filed for bankruptcy in January 2022, just as the ship was nearing completion. Recall that the cruise sector has suffered the most from the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, if a buyer is not found, the giant ship will be sent for recycling. The ship's engine and some other parts will be sold out. However, the lower body, i.e. the ship's hull will be auctioned off for scrap.

The same fate may befall the first twin ship Global Dream, if it is not redeemed. Both Global Dreams liners are currently at the German shipyard, which will now be used to build military vessels. The buyback period for Global Dream and Global Dream II is until 2023.

As Express explained, the first Global Dream ship is in the best position to buy, as its construction began in 2018, a year ahead of its brother Global Dream II. But why are buyers reluctant to consider two cruise ships? The reason is probably that they were previously designed for the Asian cruise market. This means that they must undergo major changes in order to be suitable for use in Europe or North America. Analysts also suggested that while there is hope that the incredible liners will find a buyer and operator, demand for cruise ships has fallen.

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