Theft flourishes, it is dangerous to walk alone: ​​a Russian woman moved to Abkhazia for the winter and fled from there, explaining the reasons

Theft is flourishing, walking alone is dangerous: a Russian woman moved to Abkhazia for the winter and fled from there, explaining the reasons

“Theft is flourishing, it is dangerous to walk alone,” – such an assessment of Abkhazia by a failed “winterer” – a tourist from Russia, is given by the Krasnodar edition It tells the story of a Moscow resident who decided to spend the winter in a warm place. The Russian woman chose Abkhazia, but fled from there already in February, having moved to Pyatigorsk – and the “remote worker” does not consider Abkhazia anymore as a place for wintering. And she gave the following reasons for this:

  1. Constant blackouts and generally big problems with electricity, and hence stable Internet. “Yesterday the lights were turned off three times. Stations are old and lack capacity. At the same time, given that there is no central heating and everyone uses air conditioners, heaters and electric stoves for heating, in winter this is a problem. The Wi-Fi and the light on the street are immediately cut off: no work, no walk, no laundry … ”- the tourist complains. At the same time, colds and “tropical showers” in February are a normal state.
  2. The problem with buying real estate. It is almost impossible for a foreigner to do this legally. And at the same time, “a lot of gray schemes flourish, scammers and “helpers” for those who want to get a house in Abkhazia”, which, there is a high chance that they will simply “throw” gullible tourists.
  3. The almost complete lack of medical care. “If necessary, you will have to take a taxi, cross the border and go to the hospital in Sochi. There is no other way,” the blogger assures.
  4. And, finally, other crime. “It is better to keep a “comfortable distance” from the inhabitants of Abkhazia. Theft flourishes, it is dangerous to walk alone. There are a lot of gypsies,” the blogger said.

“So if someone is thinking about moving, this is not the best idea. But to come to rest here is a nice thing. Well, if you like the sentimental combination of devastation, the Soviet Empire, tangerine gardens, early Christianity and the naive spontaneity of the locals,” the unfortunate “winterer” summed up.

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